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zambia hope international

Check this space for periodic updates on Zambia Hope’s activities.

Our annual Christmas party, thanks to kind people in the United States

October 3, 2010 - Every Christmas since 2007, Zambia Hope children have received a lot of joy from the good people of Frederick, Maryland and Gainesville, Florida who send them greetings cards and presents for the season. Full story

Zambia Hope News update -- December 2009

In the fall of 2009, Hope Farm planned a major planting of soy beans, which are a profitable crop in Zambia. Following a request from Adamson and Anne Musonda, directors of Zambia Hope International, Hope Mountain Foundation sent $4,000 for this purpose. Full story

Christmas cards for all the children

Fourteen residents of the Turkey Creek community in Gainesville, Florida joined together to sign Christmas cards for all the children in schools supported by Zambia Hope International. The cards were sent to Zambia in time for the second annual Christmas dinner, which is provided for all the children by Zambia Hope. The Florida group, many of them seniors, were invited to participate in the project by Gwen Rogers. Earlier, several of the residents had donated teddy bears to be sent to the Zambian orphans.

Tuesday, December 23rd at 6:30PM

Come and listen to Tom Cromwell give a presentation on the many orphaned children we are helping in Zambia. Many ladies here in the forest spent a few afternoons writing over 515 Christmas cards so that these children would receive them for the holidays. We in this country are so fortunate and blessed. These children have nothing and no one. Please take the time to hear the story.

Caroling and refreshments will follow the short presentation.

Teddy Bear Donation

Some of the teddy bears and other stuffed animals being collected by friends in Florida to be donated to children cared for by Zambia Hope.

Wet greetings from Zambia

President Mwanawasa has declared Zambia's flood situation a disaster. The rains have continued to pour down outrageously causing massive floods everywhere. Thousands of people have now been displaced in Masabouka in the Sothern Province. In some areas kids have not been able to go to school due to impassable roads. The planting season is now crippled as most of the maize is submerged in water and their growth arrested - famine this year is a looming disaster. About 8 bridges have been washed away in eastern, central and northern provinces. It cannot get any worse as the power outrages have also settled in. Due to this, economic activities have slowed down. Weather predictions are still expecting the worst.

Our farm has not been spared and our crops have been submerged in water - the situation is uncontrollable. The road leading to our house is now impassable. However, we are determined to beat all the odds.

Adamson and Anne Musonda

Zambian Orphans Celebrate with Christmas Cards from Frederick
By Sonia Boin, Frederick News Post - January 15, 2008

They wore worn-out clothes and sat on broken benches in a dilapidated school house, but their faces were washed and their eyes shone with joy.

More than 600 Zambian children orphaned by AIDS waited excitedly for their first-ever Christmas party.

No one was disappointed, according to a report from Adamson Musonda, a Zambian farmer who began taking care of the children seven years ago, when he started Zambia Hope International. The nonprofit organization gives the children education, a local clinic and the lessons they need to combat the spread of AIDS and to have self-sustaining jobs such as farming. Full story

On December 7, ZHI received a donation of three sewing machines worth $2,500 for the Hope Training Center, located next to Hope School. The machines were given by The National Credit and Servings Bank, which is owned by the government.

The bank's Managing Director came with the media for the delivery of the sewing machines.

Zambian man who helps orphans speaks in Frederick
By Sonia Boin, Frederick News Post - November 11, 2007

Nine-year-old Esther loves music. She wants to be a singer and may become a teacher.

She spends her days selling fritters outside a bar to raise money for her grandmother.

A 7-year-old girl named Gift is so poor she can't get the medicine prescribed by a local clinic. She dreams of becoming a nurse. Full story

Man Seeks to Connect Local Seniors with African Orphans
By Sonia Boin, Frederick News Post - November 11, 2007

Thomas Cromwell was on a business trip in Africa when he saw how dedicated a Zambian farmer is to helping orphaned children.

The children became orphans when their parents died of HIV or AIDS. They go to Zambia Hope International founder Adamson Musonda with nothing.

Zambia Hope works to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS through teaching responsible behavior to children, and has provided a local clinic that provides medicine to 18,000 people, according to its website.

Cromwell, president of the Civic Council Inc., a Frederick-based nonprofit organization, said Musonda tries to give the children a sense that they can do something with their life, to make them self-sufficient. Full story

Zambia Hope International Helps Improve Quality of Life
By Philip Chirwa, Times of Zambia - June 18, 2007

With the collapse of the traditional extended family system, the important role that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play in supplementing Government efforts in helping the underprivileged in society, especially widows and orphans, affected by HIV/AIDS, is a notorious fact. And one such NGO is the Zambia Hope International (ZHI), a non-partisan, non-profit making non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose main objective is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in Zambia through the promotion of economic empowerment among the vulnerable groups in society. Full story

Zambia Hope moves US office to Frederick
Adamson and Anne Musonda have for the past few years spent time contacting supporters in the United States from a base in Missouri. To allow them the freedom to focus more fully on the many projects going forward in Zambia, they have arranged with Hope Mountain Foundation (a tax-exempt organization set up to support non-profits around the world) to provide support from America.

Hope Mountain is based in Frederick, Maryland. It's president, David Richison, said, "Zambia Hope International is doing what is needed to help orphans in Africa." He noted that most non-profits are established by altruistic individuals who want to help others, and that administration and fund raising can often distract those good people from their real work.

"We want to free up the Musondas so they can focus on what they are best at: helping the orphans of Zambia," Richison said.

Zambia Hope launches new website
After using a basic design for its first website, Zambia Hope, with the assistance of the US-based Civic Council, has launched a new site. The new website not only has basic information about Zambia Hope’s projects, it facilitates the involvement of those who would like to volunteer their help or make donations to the projects.


Zambia Hope International (ZHI) Takes Hope to Mutakwa Village
By Laura Mushaukwa, Sunday Post – December 3rd 2006
To the north of Lusaka in the bushy landscape of Chief Mungule’s area lies Mutakwa, a village endowed with beautiful flora. As dawn breaks, sound of birds singing and grasshoppers chirping ring through the village, 24 kilometers from Lusaka. It is a special day for the children in this village because the newly constructed nursery school is being opened. The children are very happy because they are going to be accorded a chance to have early childhood training. Many children in many rural Zambia miss out on their childhood because they are sidelined in the provision services such as education. Early childhood training is very cardinal and deprivation at this stage can have serious repercussions on the development of the child. Full story