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zambia hope international

School Meals Program
ZHI uses Hope Farm to support several schools. The first aim of this program is to provide the children at the schools with one meal a day, however simple. For many of the orphans and other vulnerable children, this may well be the only meal they get in a day. Serving the children a meal at school encourages them to learn while taking care of their most basic need.

Values Education
ZHI believes that the vulnerable children it is trying to help need moral as well as practical education. Most of the children are victims of damage done by HIV/AIDS, which has taken their parents. To avoid this and other deadly STDs, ZHI teaches a program of character education that stresses self-discipline and moral behavior as the foundation for a healthy and happy life (see HAPPY Zambia program).

In addition, ZHI's philosophy is that Zambia should be responsible for its own future and its own people, and that Zambian children should be raised to be self-reliant and responsible adults.

Hence in its own school, and in others it supports, ZHI adds values education to the government curricula.

Currently, there are four schools supported by ZHI, with a total of about 1130 children:

Mutakwa Elementary School
This government school is located very close to Hope Farm. Although run by the government, Zambia Hope has 'adopted' Mutakwa, getting the government to do major improvements while ZHI itself has provided furniture and school supplies, including desks, computers, an electric piano and school uniforms. The school educates 500 children. ZHI supports the children with a school meals program.

Cry Community School
Zambia Hope supports this school of 130 children, between the ages of 2 and 17, which is located about 10 miles from Hope Farm. The education is very basic, and ZHI supports a school meals program there.

Kanyama Deeper Life Community School
Zambia Hope supports this school of 400 children, between the ages of 2 and 17, which is located about 9 miles from Hope Farm. As with Cry School, the education is basic, with no clear distinction among ages and grades. ZHI supports a meals program at the school.

Hope School
Since good education is the key to giving AIDS orphans hope for a good life, ZHI has embarked on building its own school, not far from Hope Farm. The school, as the farm, was started with a donation from Jayesh Tailor, of the United Kingdom. Classes started in 2006, and it currently educates 98 nursery school children. Once funding is secured, Hope School will add elementary and high school programs to its current nursery program.

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The Hope School nursery building was completed in 2006. To add more classrooms and homes for teachers at Hope School, as well as to provide the 1130 children we are educating and feeding in four schools, we need:

Needs for Educational Program

Hope School Expansion:
10 new classrooms @ $30,000 each $300,000
10 new houses for teachers @ $30,000 each $300,000
2 used buses @ $10,000 each $20,000
Sub Total $620,000
School supplies for 1130 students:
Students: Mutakwa: 500; Cry: 130, Kanyama: 400; Hope: 100
Each child needs $88 per year:
15 Pencils $1.50
12 Notebooks $10.00
3 Packets of Crayons $4.50
3 Coloring books $6.00
1 School bag $5.00
2 Pair of school shoes $40.00
2 Pairs school uniforms $21.00
School Meals Program: $3,000/month
Office rent / month $500
Phones / month $200
Internet / month $500
Public Relations / month $150
Stationery / month $150
Allowances for six staff / month $3,400
Car maintenance and gas / month $500
Sub Total: $5,000/month
In Kind:
20 computers for each school 80 computers
Medicines and medical supplies As available
School text books, notebooks, pencils, chalk, etc As available


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